Herba Labs

HERBALABS is a family company with 100% Polish capital. We produce high-quality herbal cosmetics, traditional herbal oils and other related products. The vast majority is the production of private label cosmetics in accordance with the principle of " give us the recipe or idea and we will finish the work ." In addition, the market offers creams , ointments , lotions and gels under our own brands such . BioHOT Extra + , Dr.Hildegard etc.

„In harmony with nature”

Why us?

From other companies we distinguish us passion and flexibility. We do not limit our activities only to the production. We coordinate the processes of selection , testing and procurement of all kinds of packaging , labels , cartons , etc .

We make big and also small parties , which is so important in the case of newly established brands or products heavily niche. More information of private label can be found in the section "PRIVATE LABEL" .